Kadaknath Eggs


Kadaknath Eggs




Protein content in kadaknath is higher than 25% in an ordinary bird it varies between 18-20%.

Research has shown that this species has lower cholesterol (0.73-1.05%) than white chicken(13-25%)

High levels of 18 amino acids out of which 8 are essential for the human and rich in hormone.

Vitamins B1,B2,B6, B12, C and E, niacin, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, nicotinic acids, etc.


Kadaknath has special medicinal value in homeopathy and a particular nervous disorder.The tribal uses kadaknath blood in the treatment of chronic disease in human beings and its meat as aphrodisiac (Believed to infuse vigor in Make).Experts says that Viagra or Sildenafil Citrate is basically a vasodilator designed for increasing blood flow to the heart and the melanin pigmant in kadaknath does the same.kadaknath chicken has a peculiar effectiveness in treating women’s discuss, sterility, Menoxenic(abnormal menstruation), habitual abortion.


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